About Renew

Renew @ NP Practice was developed by providers that recognized a need amongst patients to access comprehensive care.

Renew has solutions to help with conditions that develop as life progesses, and takes pride in listening to desired outcomes to align what is requested with what is possible.

We remain dedicated to staying aware of new treatment options, offering innovation while keeping these within the reach to allow all patients access.



NP Practice is a comprehensive general practice providing a wide range of health care services to the community of Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding neighborhoods. Led by board-certified nurse practitioner Sandra Dinwiddie MBA, AGNP, the team at NP Practice strives to alleviate various conditions.

To better serve her patients, NP Practice, focuses on total body pain management. We offer advanced therapies that when catered to you, promote faster recovery from pain and discomfort. We treat people suffering from pain from injuries, medical conditions, and more.



Bonne Capossela is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. As a professional, Bonne has been in the medical field for over 15 years and has accumulated in-depth experience in both clinical and hospital settings. She brings empathy, compassion, an easygoing communication style, and a sweet sense of humor to her practice, making it easy for her patients to discuss their healthcare concerns with her.

Bonne is committed to devoting her time, energy, and talents to helping people and communities live healthier lives. She provides high-quality health care to all of her clients in a safe, effective, and timely manner. Her skills and experience have enabled her to provide men and women with comprehensive health care choices based on their goals and desires. Bonne’s expertise also encompasses Hormone Replacement for males and females who wishes to restore their energy and vitality while reducing the side effects of hormone loss. She aspires to help people live healthier lives by going beyond primary care and assisting her patients in setting and achieving their health care goals.