Renew Services

Renew at NP Practice has grown out of the concept to provide comprehensive care.

The services offered are to help address concerns of patients as they experience decreases in energy, libido, skin firmness, muscle tone and bone mass. The treatments available for men and women are:

closeup woman hand holding hair fall from hairbrush
Hair Restoration

Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. Different factors can contribute to the loss of and
thinning of hair. Topical solutions can be used and customized to treat hair loss combined with
injectable exosome therapy to ensure maximum results.

Exosome Injection

Exosome therapy is an injection where a needle injects exosomes and growth factors into the scalp. Exosomes are similar to stem cells. They are lipid vessels that help shuttle proteins and genes to the surrounding area they are injected. This treatment will help regenerate and regrow your hair in both men and women.

Consult included with topical Exosome injection – Promotional rate – limited time – $999 (normally $1500)


Topical treatments for hair restoration involve oils, creams, foams, and shampoos that deposit personalized solutions to stop thinning and stimulate new hair growth.

Consult with topical – Promotional rate with customized formulated topical – $225 (normally $300)

Botox/ Fillers/ Exosomes

Botox/Fillers/Exosomes for skin firming. Injectable treatment for skin firming helps with aging, wrinkles, age spots, tightening, and firming. Botox, Facial Fillers, and Exosomes come in injectable therapies to revitalize your skin.

Firming skin with Botox, fillers, and Exosomes

Hormone Replacement

Hormone replacement therapy is a way to replenish hormones in the body when they are low. Treatment includes topical, pellets, and injectable therapies to replace hormones in men and women. There are different causes to why our hormones decrease, so there are customized treatment plans for hormone replacement.

Topical, Pellet, Injectable

Pain injections
Regenerative medicine treats pain through regaining function and mobility in specific areas that may be damaged by
medical conditions or injuries.